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  • Posted on: 24 June 2016
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Bank's Finance Schemes for Agriculture Sector



Type of Facility

Cash Credit (MKCC)


Working capital for:

  • Cultivation of crops

  • Post harvest Expenses.

  • Consumption requirements of farmer household

  • Maintenance of farm equipments

  • Working capital for allied agricultural activities


  • All farmers- Individual / Joint landholders

  • Tenant Farmers, Share Croppers, Oral Lessees

  • SHG's/JLG's of farmers


Limit for first year - Scale of finance of crop ( as decided by DLTC * Extent of area cultivated + 10% of limit towards post-harvest / household / consumption requirements + 20% of limit towards repairs and maintenance expenses of farm assets. From 2nd year onwards plus 10 % of the limit towards cost escalation / increase in scale of finance for every successive year { 2nd,3rd ,4th and 5th year}

Drawing Power

Drawing limit (D.P.) for each year as worked out as above


NIL as margin is considered while fixing Scale of Finance

Rate of Interest

  • Limit up to Rs3.00 lakhs: @7% p.a. (fixed) under interest subvention scheme up to one year

  • Limit above Rs3.00 lakhs: as applicable to Agricultural advances


  • Limit Up to Rs 1 lakh :1)Hypothecation of Crops

  • Limit Above Rs 1 lakh:1) Hypothecation of Crops &

2)Third Party Guarantee/Mortgage of Land


  • Kharif- Next March

  • Rabi- Next June

  • Horticultural crops- Next September

Validity / Renewal

The KCC limit is valid for 5 years subject to annual review.

Other Terms Conditions

Insurance for notified crops is available as per Government guidelines from time to time.

Paper requirement

1.Loan application ie Form No -138, Enclosure – B2

  • All 7/12, 8 A, 6 D extracts, Chatu Sima of the applicant

  • No dues certificates of the applicant from surrounding financial institutions including PACS

  • Legal search from advocate on Bank’s panel for loans above Rs.1.00 lakh where land is to be mortgaged

2. Guarantee form F-138

  • All 7/12, 8 A & PACS dues certificate of the guarantors












Finance should not be a barrier for your dreams of purchasing properties for agriculture. We listen to your needs with our attractive loan schemes for purchasing and developing agricultural properties.



Key Features:




  Loan for purchase and development of agricultural land

Suitable for small farmers 

Get loan amount up to 75% of sale consideration/value of land whichever is lower.

 Easy documentation

 No hidden charges or heavy penalties

Flexible repayment facility.

 Purchase of Agri land upto 2 Hectares (i.e. the existing land owned by the applicant including the land to be purchased should be upto 2 Hectares). 

Documents Required

If you are a new customer, following documents are required:

 Proof of Identity (Passport / Voters ID card/ Driving License/PAN Card) 

Recent Passport size photograph

 Address Proof (Ration card Tel/ Electricity Bill/ Lease agreement/ Passport/Trade license /Sales Tax certificate) 

Agreement to sale of the property to be purchased.

 Proof of agricultural land/property- Tax receipts


Repayment of loan will be quarterly/ half yearly / yearly installments depending on cash flows of the borrower.


Loan Amount:

Minimum Loan amount will be Rs. 2.00Lacs (Purchase component). 

For development & maintenance of plantation no minimum loan amount.

Maximum loan amount for purchase under the scheme will be 75 % of the sale consideration/value of land as estimated by the Bank. 


Up to 84 months.  


Primary Security

Hypothecation of crops and movable assets financed; and mortgage of landed property proposed to be purchased.

Collateral Security

If the value of the property proposed to be purchased is more than or equal to 150% of the loan amount (which may include both purchase and development component) no additional collateral security is needed. If the value of the property to be purchased is less than 150% of the loan amount, the shortage is to be compensated by way of additional collateral security.


Spouse of the borrower / Children of the borrower (only if resident) whose income is also taken into consideration for calculating repayment capacity shall join the document as co-obligant.  NRIs shall not join the loan documents and their income shall not be considered while calculating repayment capacity. 








Kisan Credit Card aims at providing adequate and timely credit to farmers for meeting cultivation needs including purchase of inputs, investment needs like purchase of agricultural implements, land development, purchase of bullocks and carts, two/three/four wheelers, repair of farm machinery or any other needs including domestic needs like expenditure on account of sickness, children's education and family functions etc. The product gives the farmer the flexibility to choose between cash credit and term loans with friendly repayment terms.

Loan tenure is fixed by allowing reasonable period for marketing the agricultural produce after harvest of the crop, subject to maximum of 1 year in case of cash credit, to 7 years for term loans.


Attractive loan limits up to 250 lakhs


Dedicated Relationship Managers

Loan tenure of 5 years and hassle free renewal process

Uniform scale of finance for all traditional crops

Quick Sanction and Disbursement

Attractive rates of interest


Simplified Documentation

Loans for horticulture & farm mechanization

Crop insurance is available for all notified crops


Free accidental insurance coverage to farmers up to Rs. 50,000/-




Minimum age of applicant – 18 years


Maximum age 75 years as at the end of loan tenure

For borrower above 60 years, co-borrower less than 60 years old is mandatory. Such co-borrower should be legal heir/immediate family member


Joint holding (single or multiple locations) up to 5 persons is permitted


Applications for Loan

In the loan application form, the Bank shall provide comprehensive information including information about fees and charges if any payable for processing and amount of such fees refundable in case of non acceptance of application, prepayment options and other matter which affects the interest of the borrowers, of all categories of loans, irrespective of the amount of loan sought by them.

ii) Processing

The Bank shall provide acknowledgement for receipt of all loan applications indicating the time frame within which the application will be disposed of.

The Bank shall verify the loan application and if additional details / documents are required, these will be sought from the applicant.


For all categories of loans and irrespective of any threshold limits, the Bank will be expected to process the application without delay. In case the application is turned down, the Bank will convey in writing to the applicant the reasons for rejection within one month.





 PURPOSE: Financial assistance is made available for meeting: Fixed cost such as Construction of honey houses; purchase of colonies; purchase of equipments like bee-boxeshoney extractors, smokers & bee veil, bee knife, hive tool, queen gate, feeder, solar wax extractor, plastic drums for storing honey, sting proof rubber gloves, etc. Recurring Costs such as purchase of foundation sheets, sugar, medicines, gloves, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Small and marginal farmer(s)/ agricultural labourer(s) who are trained in bee keeping and individuals/Association of persons/Companies who possess adequate experience in bee-keeping and are desirous of taking up bee-keeping activity on commercial basis.

 EXTENT & NATURE OF LOAN: Need based term loan. Provision for initial recurring costs also forms an integral part of term loan only.

 REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Maximum 5 years including gestation period.





The crop loan is provided to meet all expenses involved in raising a particular crop including various agronomic practices.




Farmers cultivating owned/Registered leased lands/share croppers.


Quantum of loan:-


As per the scale of finance fixed by the Technical Committee of each district. [Depending on merits of each case, branches may sanction crop Loans 35% more than the scale of finance fixed by district technical committee. In other cases where scale of finance is not specified, the branch will work out the credit requirements of the farmer.


Margin, I.E. YOUR SHARE:-


Where loan limit is fixed based on scale of finance approved by Technical Committee, irrespective of loan amount - Nil

For others: [where scale of finance is not approved]

Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- - Nil

Above Rs.1,00,000/- - 10% to 15%



Repayment:-   Repayment period will be less than one year for all crops except in the case of long duration crops such as Sugarcane [adsali], Pineapple, Banana etc where it will be 12-18 months

 Security:- Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- DPN, Hypothecation of assets created and crops.

·  Over Rs. 1,00,000/- DPN, Hypothecation of assets created and crops, mortgage of land &/or third party guarantee.

  Insurance:-   All eligible crops will be covered under National Agricultural Insurance Scheme [Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojana].