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Market Promotion Scheme| STP| SEZ  

Market Access Initiative (MAI)

The Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme is intended to provide financial assistance for medium term export promotion efforts with a sharp focus on a country and product.


A whole range of activities can be funded under the MAI scheme. These include market studies, setting up of showroom/ warehouse, sales promotion campaigns, international departmental stores, publicity campaigns, participation in international trade fairs, , brand promotion, registration charges for pharmaceuticals and testing charges for engineering products etc. Each of these export promotion activities can receive financial assistance from the Government ranging from 25% to 100% of the total cost depending upon the activity and the implementing agency, as indicated in the detailed guidelines.



Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)

The Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance for a range of export promotion activities implemented by export promotion councils, industry and trade associations on a regular basis every year. MDA is available for exporters with annual export turnover upto Rs 5 crores.


These include participation in Trade Fairs and Buyer Seller meets abroad or in India, export promotion seminars, etc



Further, assistance for participation in Trade Fairs abroad and travel grant is available to such exporters if they travel to countries in one of the four Focus Areas, such as , Latin America, Africa, CIS Region, ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand.

Meeting Legal expenses for Trade related matters

Financial assistance would be provided to deserving exporters on the recommendation of Export Promotion Councils

for meeting the cost of legal expenses relating to trade related matters.

Towns of Export Excellence

Selected towns producing goods of Rs. 1000 crore or more will be notified as Towns of Exports Excellence on the basis of potential for growth in exports. However for the Towns of Export Excellence in the Handloom, Handicraft, Agriculture and Fisheries sector, the threshold limit would be Rs 250 crores. Common service providers in these areas shall be entitled for the facility of the EPCG scheme.

The recognised associations of units will be able to access the funds under the Market Access Initiative scheme for creating focused technological services.

Further such areas will receive priority for assistance for rectifying identified critical infrastructure gaps from the ASIDE scheme.


Merchant as well as Manufacturer Exporters, Service Providers, Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and Units located in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Agri Export Zone (AEZ’s), Electronic Hardware Technology Parks (EHTPs), Software Technology Parks (STPs) and Bio Technology Parks (BTPs) shall be eligible for applying for status as Star Export Houses.



The applicant shall be categorized depending on his total FOB/FOR export performance during the current plus the previous three years.:-






Performance (in rupees)





One Star Export House

15 crore


Two Star Export House

100 crore


Three Star Export House

500 crore


Four Star Export House

1500 crore


Five Star Export House


5000 crore



Units in Small Scale Industry/Tiny Sector/Cottage Sector, Units registered with KVICs/KVIBs, Units exporting handloom/ handicrafts/hand knotted or silk carpets, exporters exporting to countries in Latin America/CIS/sub-Saharan Africa as listed in Appendix-17C, units having ISO 9000 (series)/ ISO 14000 (series) /WHOGMP/HACCP/SEI CMM level-II and above status granted by agencies listed in Appendix-28A, exports of services and exports of agro products shall be entitled for double weightage of exports made for grant of Star Export House status.



i) Licence/certificate/permissions and Customs clearances for both imports and exports on self-declaration basis.

ii) Fixation of Input-Output norms on priority within 60 days;

iii) Exemption from compulsory negotiation of documents through banks. The remittance, however, would continue to be received through banking channels;

iv) 100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC account;

v)   Enhancement in normal repatriation period from 180 days to 360 days.

vi) Entitlement for consideration under the Target Plus Scheme.

vii)  Exemption from furnishing of Bank Guarantee in Schemes under this Policy.