• Posted on: 5 May 2016
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Lote-Parshuram Industrial Are, Ratnagiri

Distance from Major City, Chiplun – 14 kms

Total Area – 2,738 acres

Industrial Plots – 457 +


Air Connectivity

Pune international Airport                            - 214 kms

Mumbai International Airport        

- 240 kms

Navi Mumbai International Airport (Proposed)   - 200 kms

Ratnagiri Airport                                                         - 91 kms


Road Connectivity

Mumbai-Goa National Highway (NH-17)

Guhagar-Chiplun-Karad-Vijapur (SH 136)


Port Connectivity

JNPT                                  - 200 kms

Mumbai Port Trust         - 245 kms

Dighi Port                         - 131 kms

Jaigad Port                       - 85 kms



Industrial Infrastructure



·       Source – Vashisthi River, Chiplun – Water Treatment Plant of 24 MLD capacity to cater to the water need of Lote-Parshuram Industrial area

Road Network

·       18.35 km of completely developed roads with street lights 



·       22 MVA capacity power station is in operation

Telecommunication Connectivity

·       A full-fledged telephone exchange facility is available in Lote-Parshuram Indl. Area.



·       A CETP of 6 MLD capacity is in operation at Lote-Parshuram Indl. Area. An augmentation of the same is in progress to capacity of 10 MLD to accommodate additional effluent generation from Lote and Addl. Lote-Parshuram Indl. Area.

Effluent Collection & Disposal System

·       18 kms of effluent collection network & 7.5 km of disposal line network

Fire Station

·       A full-fledged fire station is in operation in Lote-Parshuram Indl. Area


Industrial Infrastructure


Proposed Water Supply Scheme

·       700 mm dia. Raw water rising main from Vashisthi River to Water Treatment Plant (Work in tender process).

·       Construction of 26 MLD capacity water treatment plant for addl. Lote Industrial Area. (Work proposed)

·       Providing 700 mm dia. Pure water main from Lote WTP to Addl. Lote Indl. Area. (Work in progress)

·       Hill Service Reservoir of capacity 4500 M3 for Addl. Lote-Parshuram Indl. Area (Work in progress)

·       Water Supply Distribution System ranging from 100mm to 450 mm dia. Of total network of 16 kms Length (Work proposed) tank in Chakan Phase-2


·       A Network of 16 kms. Of asphalted roads in additional Lote Indl. Area. (work proposed)



·       Construction of 15 MLD and 3 MLD water storage tank



·       An augmentation of the existing CETP in Lote Indl. Area is in progress to capacity of 10 MLD to accommodate additional effluent generation from Lote and Addl. Lote Parshuram Indl. area.