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  • Posted on: 26 February 2016
  • By: admin

Vision :- Maharashtra- a globally competitive Information Technology destination that promotes faster sustainable investment and inclusive growth


Mission :- To place Maharashtra amongst the most preferred investment destinations in Asia, for global investors, through aggressive promotional

strategies combined with developing a globally competitive and sustainable investment environment, thereby making Maharashtra as one of the most favoured economic magnet and centre of unlimited attractions. 


Policy Objectives :

a) To retain Maharashtra's leadership position in IT/ITES Sector within the country.

b) To further accelerate investment flow to industrially underdeveloped regions of the state.

c) To create more employment opportunities for educated youths of all sections of the society across all regions.

d) Achieving higher level of export turnover resulting in enhanced productivity and augmentation of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP).

e) Leveraging information technology as a tool for the socio-economical development of the state. 


Policy Targets

Attract Investment of Rs. 50,000 Crores

1,00,000 new jobs

Increase State Exports to Rs. 1,00,000 Crores

Features of IT Policy

Dispersal of IT industry to all parts of the State by incentives in all district Headquarter

Promtion of Focus Sectors like Animation, Gaming and Comics, PDS etc.

Promotion of Green IT

Promotion of Entreprenuership and Innovation

Promotion of Brand Maharashtra

Promotion of BPO in Rural and Semi Urban areas

Promotion of Data Centers



IT Parks and SEZ

Upto 100% additional FSI to all IT Parks, IT SEZ-200% FSI for parks having access to Minimum 15 mtr wide length. 


Integrated IT Township (IIIT)

Minimum land 10 Hectares and access to 15 mtr wide road.

60% of area should be used for IT sectors and 40% for Support services

Maximum Permissible FSI is 2.5% in key cities and others 2. 

Automatic NA permissionn.


Fiscal Incentives for IT/ ITES units

Electricity: Industrial Rates

Stamp Duty Exemption: between 75-100% based on Transactions

Property Tax: At par with residential areas

Octroi: Exepmt from Octroi/entry Tax/LBT for Capital goods brought for Self Consumtion

VAT: Vat on sale of IT goods at minimum floor rates

Power: New IT/ITESs units located in other than A and B area- Power Subsidy @Re.1/- per unit for 3 years. 

Electricity Duty: Exempted from payment of ekectricity duty for 10-15 years.


Incentives for Focused Sectors:

Venture Capital Fund for AVGC 

Exemption from Enterainment Tax on Animation Films produced and relesed in Maharashtra

BPO Sector in Rural Areas: 20% Subsidy on Capital Investment subject to Maximum Rs. 25 lacs.

Subsidy for employee training @ Rs. 1500 per month per employee for 3 months.  

Data Centers witll also be eligible for almost all the benefits in the policy except VAT, Power Tarriff and Works Contract Tax.



IT Incubation: 

New IT Parks should allocate minimum 2% space for IT Incubation for new units

Recruitment assistance for Rs. 2.5 lacs for 50 Students in 2 years

Reimbursement of 50% in Patent Filing fees and Exhibition participation fees.





India is the word’s largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry accounting for approximately 52 % of the USD 124-130 billion market.


With 38% IT-ITe sector has the largest share in total services exports of India.


It is also the largest private sector employer





Maharashtra has been one of the leading states in this sector accounting for more than 20% of the country’s software exports.


As proportion of national GDP, revenues from the IT&ITeS  sector in Maharashtra grew to around 7.5% over 2011-12


Pune is among top 3 cities in software export


40% of India’s intenate penetration, 35% of PC  penentration 169,000 trained trchincal  personeel added to the  manpower pool each year,465 approved IT private parks developed by MIDC,CIDCO and STPI


Aurangabad,Nashik,Kolhapur are also emerging  as software export hub.


Nashik is also emerging as BPO hub  with BPO companies  such as WNS Global services, Tricom india and Datamatics


 Dedicted Institutes


Centre for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC)

is a premier third party R&D organization in IT&E (information technologies & electronics) in the country working on strengthening  national technologies capabilities in the context of globel developments.



India Institute Of Technology ,Bombay (IIT-B) is a premier engineering institute located in  Mumbai developed for studies in speacialized engineering  and technological sciences.


 Major IT-ITeS Hubs


Pune and Mumbai together have the llon’s  share in IT export of more than USD 8 billion


Another promienent city is Nagpur with IT companies like TCS Wipro,HCL persistenet Technologiest amongst others at IT park and MIHAN SEZ


Policy & Regultory Support

for the IT-ITeS  Sector

Progressive polices aimed at increasing the

‘competitive advantage’ of businesses


Fiscal Support

   VAT+CST Abatement

   Stamp Duty Exemption

   Electrcity Duty Exemption

   Plus,a host of other benifits..



Non-Fiscal Support

   Skill Development

   Single window clearance (SWC)

   Invester Facilitation

   Invester after care cell


Special Insentives

Mega and Ultr Mega projects

can qualify for fiscal incentives

up to 100% of the fixed capital


10% additional incentive

is provided by the state if the project creates

double the employment required for the eligibility



IT Policy Incentives


Examption from Stamp Duty and Electricity Duty,power

supply at industrial tariff ,electricity tariff subsidy


Up to 200% Additional floor Space Index (FSI) in IT parks


Property tax reduced for IT /BPO units same as residential rates


Registered IT/ITeS units shall be exempt from Octrol /Local body

tax/escort tax or other cess or any tax


IT/ITeS will be allowed to be setup In any zone


IT/ITeS Industries will be premletted to work 24*7*365 days 

without any close down


Incentives for Intergrated IT Township (IITT) and Data Centre located any where in the state


Other Major Incentives

Promotion of Enterprenuership,Innovation and

IT Incubation facility


Establishment of a comman platform for exchange and dissemination  of knowledge  resources between acedamic and research Institution and the IT Industry  and the setting up of incubation centers particularly for small enterprices.


New IT Parks will be reuired to allocate at least 5% of the built up area for providing incubation facilities for new units.


Reuirment assistance of INR 2.5 lakh for 50 employing local students in Business Incubation laboratory /R&D Centre /IT/ITES operation within 2 years.


Eligible for remburesment of 50% exhibition participation fee subject to calling of INR 3 lakhs per unit and limited to two such events .


50% of the cost of filling patents subject of maximum of INR 5 lakhs



Promotion of Green IT


Awards will be instituted for deterministed  efficient natural resource management by IT units.


The development of comprehensive e-waste collection  and recycling systems and their use by the state as well as private agencies.


Promotion of Brand Maharashtra 


Faciliate and support international nad national level professional programmes


50%  of the expenditure incuured for certification of CMM level 2 upwards ,ISO 27001 for security and & COPC and Escm certification, limited to maximum of INR 5 lakh.


50% of the expenditure incurred for the promotion of AVGC  International and national-markets.


Awards will be presented to IT/ITES units of State information Technology Day.



Human Resource Development


The Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL),the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) and other agencies will Istitute training based certification and placement programmes.

Incentives for Integreted

IT Township (IITT)


Area Reuirment     


The area to be developed shall have minimum 15 meters wide access road.


The area to be noticed as intergrated IT Township shall be free from all encumbrances continous and not be less than 10 hecters (25 acres).

Premissible land –uses


Minimum 60% of the total area noticed as Intergrated IT Township shall be used for IT, ITES activities .


Remaining up to 40% area for the development of support services .IT enabled financial services, service apartments on leave and liciense basis and commercial activities.

Permissible FSI


FSI up to 2.0 without premium based on zoning on gross area of the Itergrated IT Township .

Special consessions


Non-agriculture permission –will be automatic and no seprate NA permission shall be reuired following notification of any area as intergrated IT Township.

Implementation and completion


Decelopment of any notified intergrated IT Township shall be completed within 5 years from  the date of final sancition to the layout plan of the Area


Incentives For Animation ,

Visual Effect,Gaming and Comics


Private AVGC Park


Incentives admissible for IT parks shall be admissible for AVGC parks


Unites set up in these parks eligible for incentives at per with IT units

AVGC Centre


Estabillishing of Common facilities through promotion of AVGC Centres by MIDC&CIDCO on PPP basis.


intergrated facilities including production facilities ,AVGC studios and space performing arts,exhibition galleries and workplace reuirement of artist.

Fine Art School /college

(Digital Art Centre)


Identify digital art centre (IDAC) to implement digital art & animation collaboration with universities


* Pool of AVGC professionals to be developed in collaborination with universities and agencies such as MKCL and MSBTE capped at Rs 10 Crores.


Centre of Execellence


Finacial assistance towards capital expenditure and purchase equipment to set up Centre of execellence based on PPP Model in Mumbai/pune


Centre of Execellance will have a finishing academy-cum-Incubation centre and post production & digital intermediary facility



Incentives for BPO In Rural

and Semi-urban Areas

Capital Subsidy


Capital subsidy of 20% would the provided on capital investment subject to a maximum of INR 25,00 lakhs

Traning subsidy


An amount of INR-1500/-per month per person for three months would be provided as training subsidy by the government


Training content by recognized institute


Training contents for the above programme should be developed by recognized institutes

Transport facility


Government shall ensure that necessary public transport is made available for the Rural-semi-urban BPO units

Exemption from payment of security Deposit/Earned

Money Deposit


The Goverment shall provides exemption from payment of SD / EMD as available now the SME sector