• Posted on: 11 May 2016
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Thane District


Area  (thousand sq.kms): 10


Geographic Stats       

Major Cities: 37

Talukas: 15

Population (thousands): 11,060


Literacy Rate (%): 86.18

District Income (crores): 140,735




Railway (kms): 545

National Highway (kms): 467

State Highway (kms): 2925

Major Dam Projects: 3

Hospitals& Medical Centers: 955



Major Crop     

Rice, Vari, Nachani (Finger

Millet), Udad, Moong and Kulith


Major Minerals



Skill Development       

Higher Education Institutes: 110

Technical Institues: 31

Industrial Training Institues: 31


Industrial Stats


 No. of Factories: 8,274

Total Factory Workers: 166,837

Sugar Factories:

Cotton Factories: 

Major sectors: Textiles,

Power Generation, Steel

Industrial Areas: Dombivali,

Toloja, Thane, Tarapur, Mira,

ambernath, Badlapur, Kalyan-

Bhivandi, Murbad, Taloja, T.T.C